Electrostatic spraying guns And main console

Electrostatic spraying guns And main console
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 Electrostatic spraying guns And main console
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1.It can reduce the cost of painting:The outstanding characteristics of static is very excellent.The painting rate can reach to 95 percent, Compared with the general hand,Spray paint can save 30% -60%,  The cost of production significantly lower.
2.Efficiency: Electrostatic spraying just cost a little time, coating evenly, Reached  to 50-100um just need a few seconds. Coating thickness completely suit for the customers production requirements,  It can operate with assembly line efficiency several times meanwhile which can saving human resources.
3.Product can be used longer : The static system has over-current, short-circuit protection functions,If the workers touch that accidentally the product can  shut down the system automatically, It's more safe.

Output voltage:DC-60KV
Output range :-20 ~ -60 KV
Supply voltage: AC220V50/60Hz
Output power of :50 V

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